Hi! I'm Shreyasvi Natraj

I am a graduate student in Neuroscience at the University of Geneva. In the past I have worked as a technical student at CERN (IT-CD-CLI) and student researcher at NCCR Synapsy (Autism Group). I am also co-founder of an EPFL based startup called NeuralWorks which is currently a part of the TalentKick Program and VentureKick Program. Apart from it, I am working on a volunteering project under Global Health Research Collective on digital epidemiology. Apart from the project work and research, in my free time, I like to do skateboarding, kayaking, snowboarding or playing guitar.

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What i do

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Rapid Prototyping

Product Design

Project Management


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Artificial Intelligence


Computer Vision based sequence of emotion detection to determine level of understanding of video lectures using LSTM RNN

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Autonomous Robots

Abbie/Assist Bot

Augmented reality/Virtual Reality sensor and AI-Based roBot for Intuitive Exploration

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Low cost Bacteriological Incubator

Made a $50 Bacteriological Incubator that can be used in order to grow microorganisms

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Pam/Puri Pod

Pam or Puri-pod active module is a capsule-shaped contraption that can be used in order to filter stagnant water bodies with solar energy

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Fluid Mechanics

Air Ink & Kaalink

Kaalink is a cylindrical device that is retrofitted into a diesel generator's exhaust system to collect the emissions. Air Ink is marketed as the first ink made out of recycled air pollution

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Crowdsourcing and Artificial Intelligence

League of Nations Archive Digitization

This project contributes to the UN sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in several ways. Broad access to information about historical efforts to achieve global peace can contribute to promoting the goals of peace, justice and strong institutions (SDG 16) and partnerships (SDG 17).

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Low cost toxic gas analyzer

In order to prevent deaths of salt farmers from toxic gases that erupt from ground when the farmers dig to find water underneath the ground, we developed a low cost toxic gas sensor that could warn farmers at an early stage about presence of toxic gases in that dug out area.

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It ain't much but its honest work :)

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